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5 Must Visit Hot Springs in Himachal

It's no shock that hot springs don't get much attention, even when it comes to the most popular travel experiences. But don't let that stop you from exploring some of India's most famous hot springs, which are located in some of the most beautiful tourist spots like Himachal. Hot springs are natural features that are heated and brought to the surface of the earth by geothermal forces. They can be seen in the form of pools and geysers, as well as fumaroles. Hot springs in India are known for their dissolved chemicals and minerals, which are said to be good for the body and have great medicinal benefits. But even more than the medicinal benefits, the experience of being immersed in these must-see hot springs is a real pleasure.


If you're in Himachal Pradesh, you gotta check out Parvati Valley Hot Spring. It's a bit of an out-of-the-way spot that you don't usually get to see, but it's absolutely stunning! It's

surrounded by gorgeous Himalayan views, and it has all the amenities you could want - like a shower, a changing room, and a pool with hot water. Plus, it's managed and operated by the government! And in case you are confused about how to do it all or plan it all then you can leave that part on the Himachal Trip package and get affordable Kasol tour packages from their trip packages.


Manikaran is a hot water spring located in Parvati in Kullu District. It's known for its sulfur hot water springs and you can not only bathe in it but also visit the Sikh Temple and take a dip in its sacred water. Plus, this spring is surrounded by some of Kullu's best spots.


Take a trek through the thick forest in Kullu and take a dip in the hot springs while admiring the stunning scenery of the Kheer Ganges. People from all over the world love this amazing experience.


Tattapani is one of India's most popular hot water springs. It's known for its pure sulfur springs, which can help treat a variety of ailments, especially those related to bones and joints. The water’s high sulfur content is thought to have healing properties that can help treat a variety of ailments. Whether you’re looking for relief from psoriasis, joint pain, or respiratory issues, a dip in Tattapani’s hot springs can do wonders. The healing powers of these hot springs have drawn wellness enthusiasts and adventurers from all over the world. Plus, the location makes it even more stunning.

Vashisht Hot Springs

Vashisht, tucked away in the green hills, is a tiny village that's home to one of India's most amazing hot springs. It's made up of granite deposits, and the women have their own hot water pools to bathe in. The best time to visit is between May and October, and it's also known for its cozy cabins.


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