Cheapest Adventure tourism destination In India (Himachal Pradesh)

Himachal Pradesh is India's outdoor adventure playground

Himachal Pradesh is India's outdoor adventure playground, featuring breathtaking and beautiful mountains and river valleys. If there is any daring action, it can be shrewdly done in Himachal Pradesh, from rock climbing in the dangerous terrains of Kinnaur to rapping on the mountains of the Spiti valley to experiencing the treacherous Heli-skiing in Manali. Once adventurers enter the holy abode of god, Himachal Pradesh, their adrenaline rush will skyrocket. Enjoying adventurous activities in Himachal Pradesh has always been a terrific and fascinating experience for explorers. Himachal Pradesh's hills have the feel of a storybook realm

The attract hills can thrill

The attract hills can thrill and captivate the groovy backpackers, making Himachal Pradesh a must visit goal for every mountaineer and traveler. River rafting, camping, trekking, mountaineering, climbing of rock faces, campaigning, trekking, engine cycling, motor to bicycle, skiing and Heli-skiing are some of the outstanding sports which can be have the benefit or use of here. Activities like skiing and Heli-skiing can be best from something here rather than unspecified area else in India. Himachal Pradesh doesn't sadden the faint-hearted people also. Activities like angling and angling are highly trained here as the place is home to the realm famous trout fishes. Roads of Himachal Pradesh are not stopping, yet impulsive, donation an amazing opportunity for paddlers and motorcyclist to have the benefit or use of the thrill. Trekking is definitely individual of the most popular still affordable adventure special interest or pursuit one can enjoy fashionable Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh is known as the 'Paragliding

Himachal Pradesh is known as the 'Paragliding capital of India'; the towns of Bir and Billing fashionable Kangra district are intensely popular places for paragliding. A fun suffused world of its own, Himachal Pradesh happen a treat for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. The state offers wonderful opportunities for enthusiasts to enjoy hair-raising, spine-tingling risky or unexpected undertaking sports. From rafting on the gushing waterway to seeking colorful sea life for fishing to plan new routes across the majestic mountains, in this place is a snapshot of few of the premier adventure state of being active in Himachal Pradesh.

Sl no. Activity Cost
1. Paragliding 2500per person
2. Skating 1000per person
3. Rafting 2500 to 5000per person
4. River Crossing 200 per person
5. Climbing 500 per person
6. Zipline 500 per person
7. Mountain Bike 500 per person
8. Tube sliding 250 per person
9. Snow Scooter 750 per person

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