Kullu Manali tour packages

Local festivals in Kullu Manali that you can attend

Manali is a city full of festivals and fairs that go on all year round. It's full of vibrant colors, great music, and lots of decorations. You can watch folk dance, browse the markets, and eat amazing food. The exotic atmosphere of the festive season is what brings people from all over the country and even beyond. So if you want to see all this, make sure to plan your trip to Manali and Kullu. Here's a list of all the festivals and fairs happening in Manali all year round with all the info you need.

Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival in Manali is one of the most awaited festivals in the valley and is celebrated every year in the second week of January. This five-day event is a grand celebration of classical and folk dance, group songs, fancy dress performances, one-act plays, street plays, and much more. Artists and cultural groups come from across the country to take part in this event, which is attended by thousands of tourists and locals alike from states like Delhi & if you are someone who wants to visit Manali near the peak season, you must hire Kullu Manali tour packages from Delhi to make the process easy.

Spring Festival/Basantotsav/Pipal Jatra

The Spring Festival is a three-day event in Kullu called Basantotsav, also known as Pipal Jatra. It's celebrated in the Dhalpur Grounds and the Himachal Pradesh Government has declared it as a state festival. Every village in Kullu has its own deity, and it's believed that the King used to sit under the Pipal Tree with his court and watch the traditional dance. People come to Kala Kendra in Dhalpur to watch the big event from big cities like Delhi and to make your journey easier you can also hire Kullu Manali tour packages from Delhi and there's also a winter sports competition.

Kullu Dussehra

The festival of Dusshera in Kullu is distinct from other festivals in the country, as it does not involve the burning of effigies. Instead, a grand procession with the deity is conducted, with the deity seated on a chariot and drawn by large ropes from its usual location in the Dalpur Maidan to a different location. This procession, which begins at the Raghunathamji Temple and is led by the Rajah of Kullu and the deities of the village, is also referred to as the running of the gods. The span of the festival is one day only.

Hadimba Devi Fair

Visiting Kullu during the spring season is a great opportunity to witness the traditional dance performances of the local people. The festival is celebrated at the Hadimbo Devi Temple, where the locals are busy performing rituals to honor the deity and her wife, Bheema, who is the patron of the area. The duration of the festival is one day, and visitors can enjoy the temple decorations and the traditional dance performances.

Shamshi Vishu

The first day of the Baisakh festival is celebrated in the remote village of Khokhan, which is renowned for its Shamshi Vishu celebration. The inhabitants of this village are believed to be descended from the ancestors of the Rishis and Great Sages of the land. On the first day of the festival, the goddess is ceremoniously removed from the temple and worshiped, followed by a procession back to the temple. The duration of the day is one day.

Losar Festival Manali

Losar is a 15-day festival celebrated by the Himachal Pradesh tribal people of the Losar Pradesh tribe. It is believed to have originated in Tibet during the Pre-Buddhist era and is the traditional New Year's celebration for them. During the festival, Tibetan operas and prayer services are held in various monasteries. One of the most celebrated aspects of Losar is the Chaam dance, which is performed wearing colourful costumes and masks. This dance tells the story of the death of the cruel Tibetan king, Langdarma, in the ninth century, which ultimately led to the victory of good over evil, and is henceforth referred to as the Chaam Dance.

Every festival has its importance and uniqueness. For example, the famous festival of Kullu dusshera takes place in October or November. One of the unique features of this festival is that it features the procession of the local deity of Kullu. If you are from Delhi and want to visit Manali for the unique festival and fair, you must plan your trip with Kullu Manali tour packages from Delhi according to the dates of these festivals.